Pokemon Magicarp Jump Mod Increase Diamons Apk v1.2.2

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Pokemon Magicarp Jump Mod Increase Diamons Apk v1.2.2 - Pokémon Magikarp Jump MOD APK Alias Splash Magikarp is available in Play Store, but it is available in some countries. The game belongs to the Pokemon Company. In the game of Pokemon that just dropped it, all this game is about Magikarp, please be careful that there are many fish and water punches in this game. If you are not used to being like a virtual pet, Tamagotchi feels like the kind of game as a whole game type. That freemium game needs to play online, you can not play offline. MOD APK Pokemon money Magikarp Unlimited Money has been added so that you can easily upgrade your favorite magikarp.

What is coming to this world? It is a Pokemon Pokemon game. Everyone can play this simple game in this spare time to create the most majestic Magikarp with this official Pokemon app!

What is Pokemon?
· It is famous for pathetic weakness, untrustworthy, generally useless things.
· It can not learn any powerful movements - it is the flop and splash around!
· If the sky is too high, you may be bothered by the bird Pokemon Pidgeotto - I can not see it again!

For this poor Pokemon, many amazing events are lying in the shop. But you do not have to worry - it will keep flying until you can jump over it!

Magikarp merely floats in a fish tank, it is called home menu. The small fruits and food you need to consume by tapping them are your Magikarp that you just caught fresh from the pond. By eating food, you make your Magikarp another level and increase its statistics. You can bring your magikarp to the battle of the championship and win the battle. About Magikarp Jump MOD APK is about how far your magikarp can fly. The more you raise the Pokemon, the more points you can earn. You will win. Each battle is tied to a different league. There are about 8 leagues you can complete.

Pokemon Magicarp Jump Mod Increase Diamons Apk

Feature of Pokemon Magicarp Jump Mod Increase Diamons Apk:

  • With simple control, anyone can easily launch several generations of Magikarp

Please tap the food displayed on the screen to let Magikarp eat or complete the training to increase the jumping power! That is easy, and for each generation you grow, the next generation will grow even faster!

  • Find all kinds of Magikarp and show your friends

With this application, you can fish all kinds of Magikarp with unusual patterns like Kaliko and Polka dot! When you meet rare Magikarp, please show it to your social media network friends!

  • Pokemon like Pikachu or Piplup will help you

There are many Pokemon Pokemon appeared to help your Magikarp grow. What kind of Pokemon are you looking for?

  • Decorate your pond with decoration!

Raise Magikarp Rinse the top of the pond. You can make your dream pond and help your Magikarp grow faster!

Screenshot of Pokemon Magicarp Jump Mod Increase Diamons Apk:
Pokemon Magicarp Jump Mod Increase Diamons Apk v1.2.2

Pokemon Magicarp Jump Mod Increase Diamons Apk v1.2.2

Pokemon Magicarp Jump Mod Increase Diamons Apk v1.2.2

Name : Pokemon Magicarp Jump
Category : Simulasi
Size :  MB
File Format : Apk
Requires Android : 4.1 and up

Mod Pokemon Magicarp Jump Increase Diamons Apk:

  • Training, Food, Decorations and Items shop will increase the coins/diamonds
  • Re Fishing gives you Diamonds
  • Always ManaphyFoodFever available
  • Always Pokemon support skill available

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July 09, 2017


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